The Photography Section

Warning! This page is still under construction.

This section shows some pictures I took on my trips to National Parks/Monuments in the Western States of the US during my stay at UC Berkeley. Most of these pictures are taken with Fuji Velvia 50 slide film, some are taken with Kodak Lumiere 100 slide film. I am using the following Canon equipement:

Bob Atkins Photography Page

Some nice Pictures

(Some of the pictures lack of sharpness since they are scanned-in from cheap prints made from slides. The colormap might be scrued-up if you have another program running that uses extensive entries in the colormap.)

A picture of my Niece NINA. (79234 Bytes)
A great picture of The Golden Gate Bridge in fog. (168985 Bytes)
In Yosemite Valley after a snow storm (197169 Bytes)
Sunrise in Joshua Tree National Monument (284609 Bytes)

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