Dieter Koller's Employment Page

Research scientist at the Vision Technology Center of Autodesk, Inc., Mountain View, California.

Post-doctoral fellow, Vision Group at the California Institute of Technology.

Member of research staff in the User Interaction and Visualisation Group at ECRC, Munich and later with the Visualization and Virtual Reality Group (FhG IGD-A4) and ZGDV Computer Graphics Center, Darmstadt.

Post doctoral researcher, Robotics Group of the University of California at Berkeley . Research on using machine vision for automated highways, traffic surveillance, and machine vision based vehicle control, binocular stereo vision.

Research assistant, Computer Science Department, University of Karlsruhe. Research in motion detection and tracking of moving objects. Design and implementation of a large experimental system for image sequence analysis.

Teaching assistant, Computer Science Department, University of Karlsruhe Advisor in diploma thesis and student projects as well as in students laboratories. Organization of computer vision seminars.

Teaching assistant, Institute of Theoretical Particle Physics, University of Karlsruhe

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