Joseph Weber

Post-Doctoral Researcher at the California Institute of Technology,

formerly at the University of California at Berkeley

Joseph Weber

Electrical Engineering, MS 136-93


Pasadena, CA 91125

Tel: (818) 395 4859 Fax: (818) 795 8649

Research Interests

Research Advisors

Selected Research Projects

MPEG Movies

An mpeg movie of our robot moving about the lab.



This Spring I was a TA for CNS 286-III, Dynamic Machine Vision for Intelligent Vehicles with Prof. E. Dickmanns .



  • A picture of me minutes before my first solo jump from 13,500ft is here.

  • What I look like now with out my beard is here and here.

  • Pictures from the scenic Berkeley Campus are available: an aerial view, or Sproul Plaza.

  • Look here for the sights and sounds of my beautiful Alma Mater, Notre Dame.

  • A picture of my niece, Adele. and nephew, TJ.

  • My nephew , Joe Weber 2.

  • A picture of Big Ben from my trip to England.

  • A picture of the Mathematical Bridge over the river Cam (Cambridge).

  • A picture of Matsumoto's castle (Japan).

  • A picture of wasabi fields outside Hotaka (Japan).