Camera Calibration Toolbox for Matlab


This is a release of a Camera Calibration Toolbox for Matlab® with a complete documentation. This document may also be used as a tutorial on camera calibration since it includes general information about calibration, references and related links.
Please report bugs/questions/suggestions to Jean-Yves Bouguet at "jbouguet at gmail dot com".

The C implementation of this toolbox is included in OpenCV, an open source computer vision library freely available online.


System requirements

This toolbox works on Matlab 5.x to Matlab 8.x on Windows, Unix and Linux systems and does not require any specific Matlab toolbox (for example, the optimization toolbox is not required).
Note: Please help me maintaining this toolbox by reporting them to me. Include in the email subject the type of the bug, and copy in the body the complete error message. Thank you!

Getting started

Calibration examples

Description of the calibration parameters

After calibration, the list of parameters may be stored in the matlab data file Calib_Results.mat by clicking on Save. This section gives a detailed description of all the calibration parameters (Intrinsic and Extrinsic) and their corresponding matlab variable names. In addition, one to one correspondences between our notation and Heikkil�'s and Willson's notations are given.

Description of the functions in the calibration toolbox

This sections gives a short description of all the main functions in the calibration toolbox.

Doing your own calibration

This section contains some information regarding the initial steps of calibration: designing the calibration rig, naming the calibration images, image formats to use,... Very useful to get started. For the lazy ones, a calibration pattern is even provided!

Undocumented features of the toolbox

This section contains a list of features that have been added to the toolbox since the first release of the documentation.


A list of reference papers that were used to design that toolbox.

A few links related to camera calibration

A short list of links related to camera calibration.

Jean-Yves Bouguet
Last updated October 14th, 2015

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