Mt Wilson

Views of Mt. Wilson taken from the NE corner of the roof of the Moore building at Caltech.
Each collection is taken on a different day and at different times of the day.
The pictures may be collaged into panoramic views spanning approximately 150 degrees.

9am on 28 October 2004. Taken with 1000ASA, a bit grainy.
6 Dec 2004. Four pictures taken with a fisheye lens (Sigma 8mm).
6 Dec 2004. Snow on top of Mt Wilson. A few clouds.
Same as above. A few minutes later. Different lighting conditions.
10 Dec 2004. Around 9am. No clouds.
15 Dec 2004. Around 2pm. No clouds.
MtWilson March 05
28 March 2005. Around 5:15pm. Some clouds.
Mt Wilson sunset
23 January 2006. Sunset.
Snow on Mt Wilson
20 February 2006. Snow on top of Mt. Wilson. Clear day. Canon 28-300mm lens.

MtWilson picture
6 October 2006. Pretty day with clouds in the Sky. Canon 35mm lens.

16 October 2006, 10am. Bright sunshine.
MtWilson 27 Oct 2006
27 October 2006, 8:50am. Clear. Canon 35mm lens.
Mt WIlson at Sunset
6 November 2006; 5:15pm. Sunset. Canon 35mm lens
Mt Wilson, morning of Nov 7, 2006
7 November 2006; 8:40am. 35mm lens
Mt Wilson, afternoon of Nov 7 2006
7 November 2006; 4:10pm 35mm lens
MtWilson 27 Feb 2007. 9am
27 February 2007. 9am, Canon 35mm lens. Pretty clouds.
View of Mt Wilson - 27 Martch 2007
27 March 2007. 2pm, Canon 35mm lens. Pretty clouds