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D o w n l o a d Collection of all 30607 images:   256_ObjectCategories.tar   (1.2 GB)  md5sum

B r o w s e View all the images . Please do not link directly to these images: it overloads our server.

I n t r o A brief introductory online slide show which you can also download as powerpoint slides .

D e t a i l s See the tech report for details.

B e n c h m a r k s Dotted lines show current Caltech-101 benchmarks.
Solid lines show Caltech-256 benchmarks. Please send us yours!

R e f e r e n c e s Please site as: Griffin, G. Holub, AD. Perona, P. The Caltech 256. Caltech Technical Report. The technical report will be available shortly.

C o n t a c t Questions, comments, benchmarks and references can be sent to the address below.

Greg Griffin
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