CNS/EE248 : Sensory Information Processing Laboratory

This is the main page for CNS/EE248, a laboratory course in real-time application of sensory processing, jointly offered by the Electrical Engineering Department and the Computation & Neural Systems Program at the California Institute of Technology.

Catalog Description:

CNS/EE 248. Sensory Information Processing Laboratory.9 units (1-2-6).
Prerequisites: any of CNS/EE 124, CNS 186, EE/CNS 148 or equivalent.
Laboratory course in real-time applications of sensory processing. Students will be guided through the construction of working systems performing recognition, tracking and navigation using vision, audition, and other sensors. Examples: vehicle navigation, face recognition, signature verification, fingerprint identification, voice classification. At the beginning of the term a number of lectures will introduce the materials and methods involved in the experiments. [Psaltis, Perona]

Time and Place:  The laboratory for this course is placed in Moore 07. Class meetings are scheduled on friday 12-2pm, on Moore 239 (lunch provided) .

Organizational Meeting: Friday April 2nd 1999, 12-2pm Moore 239.

Ongoing Projects:

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Professors: Dr. Pietro Perona and Dr. Demetri Psaltis.

TAs:George Panotopoulos and Xiaolin Feng

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